A project Labex Arts H2H
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Digital art and posterity project
Modelizing digital artworks and their reading device


The National Library of France

The NLF is a great research place and provides its bibliographic, scientific and computer skills. It experiments the archiving and communication of these peculiar artworks. Thanks to the legal deposit and donations, it is a privileged place for the welcome of digital art. The multimedia section included a wide range of experts to carry out an important work about emulation, description and metadata.

The main goal of the institution by providing a correct description of these digital artworks and preserving their data is to become a true forerunner in this field and to ensure legal deposit and to contribute to the research in this area.


ATI-INREV (University Paris VIII)

In Paris VIII, the Computer Graphics and Art Department (ATI) and more specifically the INREV laboratory are also members of the project. Funded by the great pioneers of digital art in France, this research team studies new potentials in terms of interactivity and Artificial Intelligence through great artistic and scientific experiments.

In the “Digital Art and Posterity” projet, the ATI sees many opportunities. Indeed, thanks to the research, the laboratory can collect, analyze its archives on every medium and it can promote its history and heritage.


 The Living  Art Lab

The Living art lab, initiated by Florent Aziosmanoff, producer, artist and theorist, is built on the theory of the “living art”. It describes artworks based on Artificial Intelligence, belonging to an art that lives and that is to live, which creates an intimate relationship with the viewer.

Florent developed this theory in the creation workshop of the Cube, precursor place for digital creation in France. In this context, he helped artists to develop their art alongside this theory. He became then more and more independent and revealed himself as a privileged partner for the labex.

A project Labex Arts H2H